Best Sellers | Winter 2021 | Planner Accessories | Avant Agenda

Do you ever wonder what's popular? I went over our most popular items from the past six weeks on Instagram live. Catch the replay and check out why these accessories are our customer favorites.


Card and Document Holders

  • Stay organized while enjoying and protecting your planner cards and important documents.
  • Frosted finish easily incorporates into your existing setup.
  • Try them with the cash envelope budget system!

Zebra Mildliners

  • Attractive muted colors are gentle on the eyes.
  • These dual-tipped markers fill many roles, including as highlighters and markers great for hand-lettering.
  • Ink flows easily, without bleed-through, and they last a long time, making them an economical and functional choice.

M&G Correction Tape

  • Looks great and works exactly as intended, a rare combination.
  • Avoid frustration with this correction tape that sticks on the first try, covers in one pass, and stays on its track.
  • It's conveniently sized and super easy to use.
  • With six meters of tape, this is another economical choice for your pencil case.

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