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We Are the First to Have this Brand New Fountain Pen

Kokuyo's PERPANEP Fountain Pen was created in collaboration with Platinum Pen Company, and is the same as the beloved Platinum Preppy with an upgraded bright white body.

Black-Toned Ink Gel Pens

The Sakura Ballsign iD Gel Pens are stylish and the ink comes in subtle black-toned purple and red as well as pure black. The hexagonal body has rounded corners to ease your grip and also help keep the pen from rolling away.

You have to see these colors! I demonstrate them in our live video below.

The Perfect Pen to Highlight 

The Zebra Sarasa Mark On Gel Pen features Zebra's special ink with improved water resistance and adhesion to paper. Zebra developed this ink by blending new ingredients with conventional gel ink. After five seconds, writing will not bleed when highlighted.

Catch the Replay

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