New Releases | No. 11 | Avant Agenda


This week we are proud to share original designs and new Japanese imports.

Planner Cards

We are releasing two foiled planner cards, inspired by Niaree's values: Integrity and enCourage. Keep these cards close by to reinforce a strong mindset.

Stainless Steel Scissors

Our new scissors sound and feel amazing, cutting through cardstock and packaging with ease. They are small enough to cut out small shapes, too.

Japanese Imports

We have new pens, highlighters, and notebooks from Kokuyo, Uni-ball, Zebra, Pilot, and Midori.

Catch the Replay

Watch the replay of today's Instagram Live to see everything new in the shop, including pen tests on Midori MD Paper.

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  • Nairee, you have outdone yourself again! The new pens are delightful, but writing on the Japanese papers really elevates the art form. I had heard there was a big difference in papers, but I didn’t fully understand until I tried the Midori and Tomoe River papers. What a difference! And you bring it all for your subscribers. ❤

    Lorraine Culp

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