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Plan With Me using our bestselling Undated Daily Planner Inserts. This video originally aired on Instagram Live.

How to Use our Daily Planner Inserts

1. Write in Time-Bound Events

Write in your time-bound events and block them out under Schedule. Remember to take into account shorter activities such as phone calls, school pickup, and anything else that you have to attend to at a specific time.

2. List Projects

Thinking in two-hour blocks, and considering how many remain in your schedule, list your projects in priority order. On a day with lots of commitments, you may only have one or two projects you can tackle. That's OK! It's better to keep your expectations and schedule realistic to set yourself up for success in following your daily plan. Success feels good and encourages habits (such as daily planning and following a schedule) to stick.

3. List Tasks

Thinking in 15-minute blocks, list tasks that must be finished today and/or that are components of your projects. Again, consider how much time is actually available in your schedule.

4. Fill in Schedule With Projects and Tasks

Move your projects and tasks into your schedule, planning when you will work on or complete each item. Remember to schedule breaks for your mind and body! I suggest erring on the side of too many breaks, especially at first.

5. Log Emergent Tasks and Ideas

As you work through your schedule, new tasks and great ideas will emerge. Unless urgent, simply note them and continue working on your scheduled activity. This method is also known as a "rapid log," and helps you stay on task. At the end of the day, review your ideas and tasks, move them to the appropriate lists (if you use the #GTD method), and reflect on your day.

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