Vegan Leather Discbound Covers & Discs

Customers have been most interested in our Vegan Leather Snap-In Discbound Covers these past couple weeks, and I demonstrated them live on Instagram. Catch the replay here and find more details below!



Vegan Leather Snap-In Covers

  • These stunning slim covers fold back over themselves for a sleek, minimal look.
  • Inside pockets and sleeve for function and style. They are all the same depth, so your important cards won't get lost in the top pockets. 
  • Perfect for those looking for a less traditionally feminine style, especially the black and brown, which look great with our black and white discs.

Polished Metal Discs

  • Polished to shine and provide the smoothest page-turning experience, these discs add luxury to your everyday planning experience.
  • Get the luxe look without sacrificing durability. These discs are unbreakable and made to last.

Opaque Resin Discs

  • A great, affordable option if you're just getting started and not sure what size discs you need or if you're even going to be using a discbound system for the long haul. 
  • Colors are true and bright, especially notable with our white discs which contrast nicely with a neutral planner aesthetic. 

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