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Surprise Box
Veronica Ross
Great surprise

I was so happy with the quality of the products. The insert paper blow me away with the softness. Everything was awesome.

Simply beautiful

This was my first sub box and I loved it. It simply and clean and everything you need to plan. I like that it’s for the next month so you have time to use all the things - especially because I live in another county so it takes a little while to get here!! 💕

Exactly what I was looking for

I purchases this as a gift for a friend and it was amazing. The service was great and when the box came we opened it together and both loved it! The details and included pieces were stylish and very usable. An excellent gift!

Absolutely Perfect!

These covers were beautiful - the pictures on the website were beautiful but when I got them it was even more than I thought! They work perfectly and are very stylish. I love it!

Tofu Butter Pen!

This is officially my new favorite pen! Writes so smooth, is light and has a great soft grip! And now I hear Avant Agenda is coming out with this pen in different colors! So excited!

Perfect Color

Perfect neutral color to add a little something extra to my planner pages.

Sara’s dry

Absolute favorite pen; about to order more!!

Super Useful

Good quality and useful for planners, bujo's and anywhere else. Helps me track daily tasks and looks cute in my planner. I use Sarasa ink and give it a 30 seconds to dry.

Kukoyme pen

Absolutely love it! NEED TO ORDER MORE 💓


Everything about my new Pocket sized planner and each and every accessory that came along with it made me so happy!!
But it was something else entirely that made me give AVANT AGENDA this superb review and the A++++ grade. Aside from the actual items - which truly made my day (especially their customized planner inserts) it was the incredible customer service and support that I got from Niaree at Avant Agenda. She not only took the time to explain everything to me- but she did it over the phone. The care she took and patience she had with me makes it clear to me that Avant Agenda succeeded in their goal of taking care of the clientele. The care and dedication was evident throughout. The attention to detail is reflected in all the items that are available - not only in the subscription boxes but on the website as well.
I’ve tried 12 different subscription boxes up until this point and I’ve never felt the need to post a review -especially one as glowing as this one, UNTIL NOW!!
Avant Agenda is truly worth every penny! I highly recommend purchasing their monthly subscription. You’ll end up being a customer for life.... like me!!!

great paper quality and customer care

I'm blown away by the paper quality ,its buttery with no bleed through. Niaree takes great care when choosing what goes into your box and the products she's offering. I cant stop raving on how happy I am to have chosen this as my first sub box.

Keep it simple.

My husband loved these. He was happy they were simple and did not come with any shapes such as hearts. Simple. Classic and functional.